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शनिवार, नवंबर 05, 2011


(Baldev's feelings for an isolated mother)

I enjoyed my childhood
as a kid,
and tried all the 
hooks and crooks
to force my parents
to make me happy.....
I enjoyed my adulthood
as a girl,
and tried all the
fun and joy
to make others happy.....
I enjoyed my marriage
as a bride,
and tried all the
respect and regard
to give my best
to make in-laws happy....
I enjoyed my marriage
as a housewife,
and tried all the
love and sex
to make my husband happy...
I enjoyed my motherhood
as a mom,
and tried all the
love and care
to make my kids happy....
Now, I am old...
sick and cold,
and trying all the

with all reasons
to make myself happy....
but where the happiness gone..
I am living isolated and alone,
crying without kids,
husband n in-laws.....
All are happy to make me unhappy...
I am still a mother of my kids...
I am still a wife of a loving husband...
I am still 'me' with(out) all........ :-(((

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